Catty Wampus

Catty Wampus Teepee


Looking for that perfect gift for your little one? Or the perfect addition for your child's room. A space for them to unleash their imagination and reach their highest potential. 

A cosy nest where dreams can fly away on, or where heads can lay after long adventures through time and space. It’s time to bring the wonder of imagination back and live in the magic of the moment. Whether you’re a child or an adult, you know you’d want this secret, comfy place to hideaway.

Length: 175CM Base: 1m x 1m wide Weight: 3.5Kg

Wild Dove - It’s made in a soft grey tone, which nestles itself in the perfect spot between black and white. This neutral and comforting colour is on the rise in interior design and is easy to fit with your child’s bedroom, playroom or lounge room. 

Pearly Moon - With an all white fabric and grey chevron design, our Pearly Moon Teepee will suit perfectly in your kids bedroom, playroom, lounge room or even the backyard! 

Blush Sky - With its blush pink tones and a hint of sky blue, it brings the joy of sunrise and the restful feeling of sunsets, into any home. Stuck on ideas for a Birthday gift? This is it! Tick one gift off your list… we’re almost 100% sure your little one will love it!

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