Japanese Plum Bloom Candles


The beautiful scent blends notes of Plum Bloom petals and leaves, ripe Plum Fruit and crushed currants. This one is for the sweet fragrance lovers!

100 Hour - Stunning Glass jar, burning time as the name suggests... 100 hours!

Chawan - Embossed Chawan glass bowl 2 wick candle with 50+ hour burn time

Petite Jar - Burns beautifully in the glass votive for 20+ hours

Macaron - coloured glass jar shaped like a delicious macaron. Burns for 15 hours

Decorative Tin - The handy tin makes this candle an ideal travel companion on your next journey! Burns for a generous 25 hours

Diffuser - Each Diffuser gently diffuses for 6 months

Room Spray - 100ml spray that can be used to freshen a room or a body mist

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